Our family has been designing traditional American Sportswear for over 40 years.  Founder Phillip Hayes started our company after 20 years in the apparel industry designing leather and outerwear.  What started as a private label company in 1990’s evolved into our brand Madison Creek Outfitters.  Inspired by family trips to traveling around the USA, our products reflect our passion and capture the spirit of the outdoors.

The fishermen who eagerly awaits the pre-dawn hours to be on the lake or river as the sun rises over the horizon and to catch the big one, floating down the river with the sound of the water to keep us company. Or the hunters who count down the months, weeks, days to opening day of the season. Watching the herd come down from the mountains late in the afternoon and seeing two bulls fight for dominance—hearing the bugle of our American Elk is like nothing else on earth. 

Our passion for the outdoors it goes back to our rugged heritage. Great visions of Lewis & Clark—along with scores of trappers, prospectors and settlers along with the trials and tribulations of their journey. To stand and look across the Snake River and see the Grand Tetons in the background reminds us of the spirit of exploration that invited Americans to find their own way in the West.

Madison Creek Outfitters® is made for the Traditional American Sportsman. For those of us that embrace the outdoors and our American heritage we proudly offer this collection of sportswear, outerwear, leather, shearlings and shirting.

Madison Creek Outfitters®
American Outdoor Apparel & Leather