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Aztec Reversible Vest

Color: Aztec

10 years ago, we developed our travel twill. We set out to create a travel friendly fabric that would hold up to trips across the country or to the weekend getaway. Our travel twill is lightweight, wrinkle resistant, and durable.  The 65% Cotton / 35% Polyester blend gives the fabric a soft feel, and long life. Most of the items in our Travel Twill collection have multiple pockets and other travel friendly features.

Fabric: "Travel Twill" - 65% Cotton / 35% Polyester & Jacquard

Style Description:
  • Reversible Vest - Travel Twill on one side and Jacquard Pattern on the Reverse Side
  • Zip Front Closure
  • Travel Trim on Collar
  • Travel Twill Side - 2 Lower Flap Pockets with Side Entry
  • Travel Twill Side - 1 Vertical, Zip Chest Pocket and 2 Horizontal, Zip Pockets Above Lower Pockets
  • Jacquard Side - 2 Lower Slant Pockets with Travel Twill Trim

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