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Wasatch Reversible Vest

Color: Distressed Brown & Navy

Goat Suede Distressed / 60% Wool & 40% Polyester - Navy Herringbone

We take great pride in our leather collection. Our family has been making top quality leathers for 40+ years with friends and their family owned tanneries and factories around the world. You will find unique, beautiful skins in our collection with some MCO inspiration behind each piece.

We believe leathers should be light weight, soft, and show the natural beauty of the skins. You won’t find many black leather jackets that cover the skins in dye—we prefer showing off our skins and giving you a unique look that matches the spirit of the outdoors. It takes time, attention, and love to make each one of our leather vest or jackets. You will find the great attention to detail not only in the skins we select, but also the linings and trims on the inside. Our leathers are hand finished with rubbed seams and a rich patina that you won’t find in mass produced garments. Each item is selected to give you a vest or jacket to be proud to wear for many seasons.

Style Description:

  • Reversible Zip Front Vest
  • Leather Side is Quilted
  • Leader Side - 2 Lower Slant Pockets with Contrasting Leather Trim on Pockets, Zipper & Collar
  • Wool Side (Navy) - 2 Lower Slant Pockets and Contrasting Leather Trim on Pockets & Collar

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