Madison Creek Outfitters

Park City Vest

Color: York

For those inspired by the better things in life.  Like sitting back sipping a fine aged whiskey by the fire after a great day of hitting the slopes!  Inspired by the great woolen fabric and colors from Abraham Moon & Sons, we designed the Park City vest to bring together a rugged, yet sophisticated look.  Beautiful colors mixed in with our leather trim and bone buttons makes this vest one you won't be able to keep in the closet.

About Abraham Moon & Sons:
The 100% Wool Fabric is Woven in Great Britain. One of the Last Vertical Wool Mills Founded in 1837.  Our company's fine history is just one of many features that come together to make Abraham Moon products extra special, and is something we're rightfully proud of. From supplying fabric for a growing Leeds market throughout the 1800's to supplying the major fashion houses of modern times, this rich tapestry all comes together to create quite a story over the past 180 years.  Throughout the 1990's, wool faced increased competition from man-made fabric. While many mills tried (and failed) to compete on price, Moon focused on quality and concentrated on the luxury market, taking advantage of the manufacturing control and consistency that only a vertical mill can offer. 

Pheasant: Yorkshire Tweed
Hacking: Hacking Wool. The 100% Wool Fabric is woven in Great Britain by one of the last vertical mills founded in 1837.

Style Description:
  • Outerwear Vest with Pewter Madison Creek Snaps
  • 2 Lower Flap Pockets in leather with Button Closure
  • 1 Upper Flap Pocket in leather with Button Closure
  • Leather Trim for Pocket Flaps and Arm Openings
  • Poly Twill Lining



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